Best Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Settings

Short entry for today, it’s hot and humid outside and I feel gross!  Anyway, I have some tips and tricks for you guys that currently use a Garrett AT Pro to metal detect!

1) Learn the AT Pro with the Pro modes only.  Trust me, it pays off.  Some people do prefer to use the standard tones, but the pro’s rolling audio is top notch and will let you know if something’s a bottle cap or not.

2) When your battery indicator says it has one battery bar left, change the batteries.  Nothing worse than getting out in a field and having your batteries dead; Unless you’re smart and carry spares.

3) I currently use Pro Zero mode.  I tend to try and not discriminate anything at all unless I’m tired of nails or shredded aluminum.

4) Along with tip 3, I also run full sensitivity.  Under power lines, you may need to notch it down a couple, but try to keep it the highest you can.

5) While tips 3 and 4 will give you maximum depth, there is an amazing trick I have learned that really does work.  Use auto ground balance, then manually turn the ground balance negative 5 or 6 notches.  This will remedy all the ghost signals with no target ID that sound good, but are deep.  You’ll also pull a lot more coins this way.

6) Keep your search coil parallel to the ground in the same position as you swing.  To better explain this; don’t swing it like a golf club.  At the end of your swings, make sure it’s still flat and not curving up.  Also, swing it slowly to avoid missing targets.  Although the recovery rate is awesome in Pro mode, you will miss targets if you follow the manual on how fast to swing it.

7) If you get a tone ID of “96-99″ it’s usually surface junk like aluminum or a bottle cap.  Now keep in mind, this is generic info and you may as well locate and remove the item just in case.  You never know what will be actually lying there.

8) Along with tip 7, if the target is an aluminum can or something of that sort, it will be annoying to pin point sometimes.  When this happens to me, I already know that I’m looking for aluminum right within millimeters of the surface, or on top.  Also, the metal detector will have a longer duration beep with no “rolling” in Pro mode.

9) If you’re looking for nickles, you’re gonna dig a lot of crap too.  It’s just how it works with almost any detector.

10) For you gold seekers, I had given you a tip in number 5 to negatively lower your ground balance by 5-6 notches.  For gold, positively notch it up 5 or 6.  Now, this will find a lot of junk, but it will hone in on gold much better.

11) Check the dirt on your digging tools for coins that are stuck in it.

12) Iron Audio is immensely powerful.  Learn to use it, and you will eliminate tons of deep trash digs.  I can’t tell you how, because it’s a skill you have to learn on your own for different materials and areas.  Practice it!  Sometimes I run with it on all day, depending on my mood and soil conditions.

13) The AT Pro will work better when the ground is wet.  This can be said true for almost any metal detectors, even from Wal-Mart.

14) Any tone ID of 60+ should be dug regardless.  It could be an old horse shoe type relic, or a really nice silver piece, or pretty much anything else like a cow bell.

15) If you suspect your item is junk, lift the search coil up two or three inches and see if you still get a good signal.  If you do, dig it.

16) You can also increase depth by getting a coil cover for your AT Pro and scrubbing the ground.  Not too hard though!

17) For my last tip, I highly recommend you build a test garden with objects buried at various depths.  It will make you better skilled and knowing depth, metal type, and how to not dig so much crap.  Once you master this, you’re well on your way to finding that awesome cache located in the woods on that old burnt home site.

Don’t forget, your metal detector is only as good as you are.  If you have a hunch it may be something good, dig it!  I have hunted over the same areas multiple times getting better skilled with my AT Pro, and keep finding more cool stuff that was just hidden by nearby aluminum and iron.  Digging up trash is part of the hobby.  If you practice throwing said trash away, you’re also bettering the Earth!  Hopefully these tips help you use the Garrett AT Pro metal detector a lot better.  I have had it about a year now, and love it.  If you happened to stumble on this page by accident and don’t own an AT Pro, I recommend you check out the review we have written located here.

Happy hunting!


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